Why Every Small Business Needs A Website Manager

In the past, it seemed like only big corporations needed websites. These days, that’s not true. Every business needs a website. Yes, that’s right, even small businesses! However, these websites can easily turn stale and ineffective without the help of a website manager. Website managers make sure that a site is up to date, secure, and working as well as possible. They also analyze your site’s performance, letting you know whether your website is actually helping your business succeed. Let’s discuss some of the things a website manager can do to help your small business.

Make Sure Your Website Is Functional And Secure

In many ways, websites are like traditional brick-and-mortar companies. They need to be neat, well-run, and inviting. When a website is slow, outdated, or broken, visitors will think that your business is slow, outdated, and broken too. This might not send every potential customer away, but it will probably cost you a lot of sales.

Websites are made up of code and most small business websites run on content management systems (CMS) and software platforms. These systems have to be updated on a regular basis so the website can keep working. Without regular updates, the website can also be hacked more easily and become a security risk.

A website manager will ensure that your website is always safe, secure, and functional.

Regularly Update Your Website Content

It isn’t just the design of your website that needs to work. Your website content is important too. A lot of small business websites get forgotten. The information on these websites becomes outdated and inaccurate. This can happen easily but it can be very frustrating for potential customers.

Imagine that you post your opening hours on your website. A year later, these opening hours change, but you aren’t updating your website much. You could be losing a lot of business from people who turn up when your business is closed or don’t realize that you are open for additional hours now. This lack of updates can be particularly problematic if the changes are significant, like when a restaurant changes their menu and doesn’t update it online.

Your website needs to change with your business. Regular updates make your business appear professional and drive more traffic from search engines to your website. Search engines realize that regularly updated websites are better, and you should too.

A website manager will ensure that your small business website is well maintained.

Analyzing Performance

A lot of small business owners pay big money for a pretty, highly functional website and big online marketing campaigns without ever checking if they work or not. In reality, a great website isn’t worth anything if it isn’t benefiting your business.

It’s easy to analyze website performance. You can quite quickly find out how many visitors come to your website, how long they stay for, how they get there, and what they do on the site. These things are pretty basic but they will give you some insight into whether visitors are coming to your site and if they like it.

You can also monitor performance to find out which keywords bring traffic to your website, which is vital if you’re working on SEO. There is no point spending time and money on your website if you don’t know that it’s working. With real data from performance monitoring, you can tell whether your website is serving your business well. This will help you choose the most effective strategies in future online marketing efforts.

A small business website works best when it is secure and attractive, regularly adding up-to-date and interesting content, and monitoring performance. Essentially, analyzing performance ensures that your website is working for you.

A website manager will monitor performance to ensure that your website is helping your business succeed.

Hiring A Website Manager

Website managers take care of all the tricky aspects of running a small business website. They perform various tasks, including keeping your website up to date and analyzing performance. A website manager might also work on your online marketing campaigns or take them over completely. Someone needs to act as a website manager so that your website gives people a great impression of your business. If you don’t have that person, consider hiring a website manager on a permanent or part-time basis.

If you need a website manager for your small business website, check out A La Carte Web Services. With our website management services, we can make sure that all these aspects of your website are working so that your business can really grow and succeed.

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