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Greetings, Reader!

Winston here, at your service! I’m the chief webmaster here at A La Carte. I’ve been here since doors first opened. Please, come in!

We Do Things A Bit Differently

Here at A La Carte, we love to bring ideas to life. Instead of household chores, our staff works with websites. Lots and lots of websites. We clean, fix, polish, and improve websites, either once or in an ongoing fashion. From improving it’s presentation to improving SEO, we help clients reach their website goals. Whatever our clients request, we do our best to turn their ideas into reality. We also explore the analytics of traffic visiting your website, as it often is the primary guide in our conversations with clients.

Welcome Your Visitors

If you’ve ever hosted a guest, you would know that good hospitality means keeping guests comfortable throughout their stay. You make sure they have what they need, can easily navigate throughout your home, and ultimately leave with appreciation for visiting you.

As Chief Webmaster, one of my primary duties is to provide helpful tips and suggestions on how to turn an average website into a smashing one. There is so much you can do to better improve the presentation, navigation, legibility, and efficacy of your website. I also share some organic SEO tips to better position your site on major search engines. Trust me, there is plenty to cover!

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