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Our Work

Defending Earth from dangerous asteroids while enabling the development of the vast resources of space to benefit everyone.

Defending Earth

The Earth is silently but continuously threatened by near-Earth objects—asteroids—some of which we will not spot until it is too late. Learn more.

Enabling Space Development

Starting with LEO commercialization and lunar mining and growing toward Space Solar power and asteroid mining, NSS is leading the push to bring the resources of space to everyone.

Building Communities in Space

we have now reached the point where we can, if we so choose, build new habitats far more comfortable, productive and attractive than is most of Earth. Learn More.

What We Do

Connecting you to your future in space.

International Space Development Conference

Our annual conference bringing together NSS leaders and members with leading managers, engineers, scientists, educators, and businessmen from civilian, military, commercial, entrepreneurial, and grassroots advocacy space sectors. Learn More.

Space Forums

Ask space leaders questions directly on our online video forums. Learn More.

ad Astra

Published quarterly, our award-winning magazing features the latest news in space exploration and stunning full-color photography. Learn More.

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Get Involved

The National Space Society makes it possible for anyone to actively engage in space-related activities.

Join a Contest

Join one of our many exciting NSS or NSS-sponsored contests! Sign up to participate in a currently active contest here. Learn More.

Join Political Action Network

The NSS works to advance the cause of space exploration, development, and settlement via legislative education. NSS is nonpartisan and does not endorse parties or candidates, rather we does work to educate legislators on space issues. Learn More.

Join a Chapter

Join your local chapter and be part of a growing community. Learn More.


Just like Voyager I and II and New Horizons, your contributions go a looong way.

NSS General Fund

A one-time or recurring donation to the NSS General Fund advances the cause of human spaceflight, exploration, development, and all activities of the NSS. Learn More.

Space Advocacy Fund

NSS engages in space policy education and advocacy activities primarily through the annual March Storm and Home District Congressional Blitz, also known as Fall Fury. Donations in support of these activities are critical to their ongoing success. Learn More.

Space Settlement Fund

The NSS vision is people living and working beyond Earth and using space resources for the betterment of humanity. Learn More.

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Our Future In Space

Heading toward a new frontier

New Frontiers for Humanity

Our website provides extensive resources for you to explore the compelling idea of space settlement.

Why Space Matters

Space is a critical part of our lives today, and the foundation of a better future for humanity. Learn More.

Space Settlement Nexus

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Space Solar Power

One of the most promising use of space resources is beaming space solar power back to Earth. Learn More.

Learning More

Charting your course in space

Space Settlement Roadmap

At every stage, certain barriers will be encountered on our journey to space exploration. Read our roadmap to space settlements. Learn More.

Position Papers

NSS position papers are the foundation of our educational and advocacy efforts. Learn More.

NSS Space Settlement Journal

Cutting edge papers on space settlement related topics Learn More.

About NSS

Independent. Educational. Grassroots.

Mission & History

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NSS Leadership

NSS leadership is provided by a member-elected Board of Directors that provides strategic direction for the Society. To view the full board, click here.

Press Releases

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Join Now

Will you take part in the Space Age?

Membership Benefits

NSS offers a variety of membership options with a range a benefits at a variety of levels of support. You may also consider giving a gift membership to a friend or relative. Learn More.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions Learn More.

Why Join

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NSS is an independent nonprofit nonpartisan educational membership organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization.

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