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Responsive Web Design For Your Small Business

Everyone knows that businesses need strong online presences. They know that a website needs to look attractive and contain strong information about their products or services. However, too many business owners neglect to focus on responsive web design. This is a huge mistake if you want consumers to enjoy and continue to use your website.

What is responsive web design?

A responsive web design is one that operates effectively and quickly on all different types of devices. They adapt to different screen sizes, look just as good on mobile and desktop, and don’t take too long to load. Responsive web design means that your website works smoothly wherever it’s accessed and doesn’t frustrate consumers by being slow, hard to use, or buggy.

Is responsive web design important?

Yes! Responsive web design is far more important than most business owners realize. In the US, 50% of ecommerce revenue comes from mobile users. That means that half of online purchases are being made on devices like smartphones, and responsive web design makes this possible and attractive for consumers. Nearly 50% of consumers also expect a webpage to load in two seconds or less and will abandon it after three seconds of slow loading. If your website runs slowly or doesn’t work well on mobile devices, people just won’t use it.

How can you get a responsive web design?

For responsive web design, your website needs to be flexible to accommodate different devices. You can manage this if you’ve got some decent coding ability, or outsource this to a web developer or web design expert. Redesigns and plugins can improve loading speed, and a web developer can also assist you with this.

Responsive web design is an underrepresented feature of online marketing, and it’s incredibly important. Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more about responsive web design.

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    On Demand Support Got a bunch of updates to make on your website? Let us do the legwork. Simply email us to submit a ticket with all your edit requests and we’ll address them ASAP.
    We Handle Software Updates One of the best ways to prevent malware breaches is by maintaining updated software. We’ll handle all updates to your website as they become available.
    Affordable Monthly Rate We don’t like confusion or surprises. Know exactly what you pay each month without the hassle.
    Continuous Suggestions from Web Experts We’ll give you custom-tailored suggestions on how to better position your website for more traffic and conversions.
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    SEO. The Organic Way.

    Adding Value Where It Counts There are a variety of ways to optimize a website, some with more promise than others. We focus on what matters most: creating quality value for your customers to find you. Using keywords chosen by you, we position your website to compete and perform better in search results.
    Expand Into New Markets With a solid organic SEO strategy, you’ll be able to cast a wider net of leads, compete in more organic search listings, and convert more sales.
    Generate Long Term, Sustainable Traffic High performing organic result listings can help generate leads without anybody having to lift a finger. Provide
    Put Those Advertising Dollars Away As opposed to paid search or social media advertising, an organic SEO strategy does not require an advertising budget. All it takes is blood, sweat, and tears! (Kidding about the blood.)
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    Website Security

    Protection & Prevention We use Sucuri’s enterprise website firewall to shield and protect your website. We’ll monitor and handle all alerts regarding the security of your website.
    24/7 Malware Monitoring & Removal We find, fix, and prevent malware attacks and other vulnerabilities from harming your site.
    Increase Page Load Time By delivering your content through a Content Delivery Network, expect your webpages to load faster. Learn how.
    Security Designed For Websites Sleep peacefully at night knowing your website is protected.
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