No Time
You have ideas to add or edit your website but with everything else to do in the day, this one is low on the priority list. You can’t find the time to update your website and as a result your website just sits there day in and day out.
No Expertise
You made the first attempt to build your website, but it’s not where you want it to be. There may be formatting problems that you don’t know how they happened, and you’re not sure how to address these problems.
You have important information to share but simply don’t feel like adding it to your website. You share it on social media, in newsletters, and perhaps in person, but your website is the same it’s always been since it’s launch.
The last thing you want is do is making a simple change and have it crash the entire website. And if the site breaks, you have no idea, time, or energy how to bring the website back up.
No Support
You have many questions about your website but have no one to ask to help. You don't know anyone who is able to help with your website to the capacity you need.

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