A La Carte Retainers

A La Carte Retainers

As-Needed Webmaster Support

Need website help ‘here and there’? ‘Every now and then’? ‘Once in a while?’ Enjoy the flexibility of our A La Carte Retainer Services. As something comes up you’d like to add or remove from your website, simply submit a ticket and we will address it as soon as possible.

5 and 10-Edit retainers available, please request a quote on the right to begin.

Sample Website Support Requests

• Add new contact forms

• Upload and format blog posts

• Find and fix broken links/typos

• CSS updates (colors, font, positioning, etc)

• Embed Google Map

• Uploading & formatting new photos

• Fix mobile formatting

• Troubleshoot hosting or domain issues

• Remove an element (photo, link, form, event, etc)

• Review analytics report

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