Free Website Analysis

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Things We look For In Our Review

Our web experts will assess your website based on the following criteria:


Score of 1-5, 5 being most presentable

Does your website display what it is your visitor wants to see? Are colors, fonts, and font sizes consistent throughout your website?


Score of 1-5

Can we navigate throughout your website and find whatever it is we came here to find? Does your website answer most of my questions?

General Usability

Score of 1-5

How quickly can I get to where I need to go? How user-friendly are the size and placement of buttons, links, photos, hover effects, etc.

Standard Integrations

Score of 1-3

Is your website integrated with an SSL certificate, Google Analytics, or Google Search Console? We’ll take a look and let you know.

Average Page Load Speed

Score of slow (5+ sec) medium (2-5 sec) fast (<2 sec)

While you may find plenty of page load speed checkers online, we like to use the good ol’ fashioned stopwatch.

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Would you like some free expert feedback on your website? Submit your URL below and we’ll return hand-picked suggestions on ways to improve your website.


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We like having productive intro meetings. If there is a website you'd like us to review prior our meeting, please include the URL in the details.

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