9 Ways to Improve Website Migrations

9 Ways to Improve Website Migrations

Website migrations are often necessary when upgrading a website or moving it to a new hosting platform. However, if not done properly, website migrations can lead to a host of issues such as broken links, loss of traffic, and a damaged reputation. Here are 9 ways to...
8 Common Pitfalls when Addressing Website Accessibility

3 Benefits of Website Accessibility

At A La Carte Web Services, we understand the importance of making your website accessible to all users. Website accessibility refers to making your website usable by people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive impairments. Here are...


Reading Psalms and other texts comforts and accompanies the soul between death and burial. Learn more
In keeping with the historical practice of protecting the dead, today between death and burial family or community members read Psalms in the presence of the deceased.
To sooth the feelings of confusion of the deceased between death and burial, we read Psalms to ensure they are not left alone and to provide comfort.
Hovering near the body, the soul experiences disorientation and uncertainty between death and burial, so we read comforting words to the soul.